So, there's a reason (well, several, but one big one) I haven't really been blogging much this November.


Just this morning, I finally completed my fifth (FIFTH?!) novel, had it validated and printed off my completion certificate (damn straight every single one hangs in the director's office at APL!).

And then I took a nap.

Because after churning out 50,000 words, I earned it. :-)

Here's what I posted when I finished...


It's been a helluva ride this November.

Through work crises, the death of a fellow employee, Thanksgiving in TinyTown, a trip to a conference in Indy, a visit from my parents and being lost in Shawneetown, somehow I've managed to squeak out a novel.

It's not very good, but it's mine.

And it's DONE.

I'd be remiss without a few thank yous...

Thanks, as always, to my parents for their support and encouragement, and for being willing to leave Thanksgiving two days early so that I could write.

Thanks for Jen, for her dares, her snarky emails, and for kicking my ass in the wordcount until the end. Sorry there wasn't room for more bondage. ;-) (Uh, it's a long story.)

Thanks to De, for reading every word I write and encouraging me along the way.

And thanks to all the nameless, faceless readers who enjoy what I put on the page. You are the reason I write.

Until next year...


And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

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