Book Review: The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

We recently had a display at the library featuring favorite childhood books of the staff, and this book was a part of the display. I hadn't read this since elementary school and only had fuzzy memories of it, so I wanted to give it a reread.

Not at all what I remembered!

I remembered much more fear of the "Blackbird Pond witch" and of the main character being found to be a witch and killed. While an important part of the story, this also centers around the pioneer spirit of America in 1687, a teenage romance, finding a new family, and the trial of the character for being a witch.

I was actually surprised by the sophistication of language and context of this novel, and I definitely enjoyed it more this time than when I was forced to read it in fourth grade!

Glad for a reread on this one...glad to see a novel written in 1957 is still part of curriculums today...


Anonymous said...

I loved this book and haven't read it in years. Isn't there a part about blueberry cake and a kitten being all you need to make you happy? This is my motto. I also remember having a crush on Nat (is that his name). Sigh.

Marissa said...

You have a better memory than I did! Yes, Nat is still crush-worthy, and the blueberry cake and kitten comment is definitely a good motto to have. :-)