Book Review: So Much For My Happy Ending

So Much For My Happy Ending by Kyra Davis

I liked the cover of this novel, and thought it sounded like a different kind of chick lit - perfect for reading on vacation.

Though it has elements of chick lit (fashion, friends, booze, canoodling), this read quickly breaks the mold of all the other "cookie cutter" novels and almost becomes suspense. April and Tad fall madly in love, and he proposes after only three months. But shortly after their marriage, things begin to unravel as Tad spirals further and further out of control - money issues, threats, lying are just the tip of the iceberg as Tad quietly goes mad.

I had to keep reading to see when April would extricate herself from the situation, when things were finally going to come to a head - just like a car crash, I couldn't look away.

This is a smart, well written, different kind of chick lit novel - I really enjoyed it!

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