Book Review: No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home by Fern Michaels

I'm trying to continue the tradition I started last year of reading a few Christmas novels so that I can a) get into the holiday spirit and b) recommend titles to patrons who are looking for light and happy Christmas tales c) pad the number of titles I've read this year ;-) .

This one is decidedly light and fluffy...the Cisco triplets have found out that their father is marrying a gold digger, their grandmother is unhappily ensconced in an assisted living facility, and Christmas is right around the corner. Naturally, going on the lam with grandma, finding love and reconciling with their father is on the to-do list. ;-)

This is a very easy to read, fluffy tale, but I have to give it to Michaels - though there was (very conveniently placed) romance, it didn't dominate the tale, like so many wintery novels do. If you like Michaels' other novels, you'll enjoy this slim novella...

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