Book Review: Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts

This is the first in the "In the Garden" series by Roberts, which combines a romance novel with a bit of the paranormal.

Widow Stella moves to Memphis in order to take a job managing a nursery and to start over with her two young boys. She immediately falls in love with the job and her new home, as well as with her coworkers - one in particular. This is actually a novel about three women and their trials and friendship (continued in the next two books are the stories about the other two characters), while also weaving in a new romance and the Harper Bride - a ghost who wanders their home.

This is another engaging series from Roberts, and I'll be reading the other two so I can see "how it ends". Recommended!

Note: I listened to the audio edition, ably narrated by Susie Breck. Breck does a good job with all the accents, and her rendition of the two boys is particularly delightful. A pleasant listen.

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