Book Review: All Through the Night

All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann

As y'all know, if it has Brockmann's name on it, I'm going to love it, and this Christmas novella (bordering pretty close to novel length, if you ask me), is no exception.

Team 16 is back in action, this time to attend the wedding of Jules and Robin, the flagship gay couple of Brockmann's series. Of course, with the Troubleshooters involved, there is threat and disaster at every turn - a bathroom remodel gone awry, a try to Afghanistan, a crazed stalker, and a lot of love and romance.

This is a great novel - light on the Christmas, heavy on the romance - with Brockmann's trademark humor, action, suspense and sex. I'm so glad to see Jules finally get his guy!

Highly recommended if you are a Troubleshooter fan! :-)

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