Book Review: The Used World

The Used World by Haven Kimmel

Kimmel, a Hoosier native and author of A Girl Named Zippy concludes her "loose trilogy" taking place in Jonah, Indiana with this novel. I haven't read the other two titles, but didn't feel as though I were lost or behind.

This book took some time to grow on me...the writing is lovely and lyrical, but difficult to absorb, somehow. I felt a bit lost at times, trying to interpret the backstories, the character interplay, and the basic plot, but once I let go and stopped trying so hard, the book just flowed. Three women who work at Hazel Hunnicutt's Used World Emporium are tied together by work, friendship, history, pregnancy and love, and this novel weaves them all together beautifully. So many of the threads tied together at the end - which I always love.

This is not just a slapdash, quick novel, but rather a measured, lyrical work that somehow stuck with me. Recommended!

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