Book Review: The Assault on Reason

The Assault on Reason by Al Gore

This book hasn't spent a lot of time on the library's shelves, so I grabbed it while I could to give it a read. This isn't a book you can sit down and read for hours and hours because you either a) get a bit bogged down in the facts and more importantly b) become so incensed with our current government that you can't stand to read any more!

Gore covers a bevy of topics in this book - the politics of wealth and of faith, the transgressions of Bush's White House, the rise of free media on the internet and, of course, the crisis of the environment. Gore's writing and research are well-reasoned, and actually makes you think, rather than "writing to the lowest common denominator". Though I occasionally found myself "tuning out" from reading too long, this was a good book to read out of consistently.

An interesting take on "the assault on reason" - recommended!

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