Labor Day Weekend

Okay, okay, so I'm only about a week overdue blogging my Labor Day weekend fun-ness. :-)

I headed up to the hometown to hang out with the fam for the weekend, and my bro-in-law scored tickets to the US Nationals (NHRA) in Indy on Sunday.

Despite the heat, the traveling sunburn and also passing out from the spell of nitro, we had a blast! I've never seen any drag racing live, and it's a RUSH! We saw Top Fuel cars (the long skinny ones), the Funny Cars (the ones that look, well, funny), racing motorcycles, Pro Stock cars, and a lot of really hot and sweaty fans.

And my god, I can't even begin to describe the sound shock, and the wave that hits you when a car passes by at ground level.

Rock on!

The next day we set out for Lake Monroe to go boating - my first venture on the boat this season. The lake was busy, but we spent a lot of great hours floating, tubing, eating and debating the merits of Munchos, Funyans and Bugles (I'm a Munchos girl, myself. Website coming soon...).

Good times. :-)

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

Ashley Force

Funny Cars (Ashley Force is on the right)

Big Ole Tires

We watched a Top Fuel car get torn down in about ten minutes (plus, you can see ALL the garage action without needing a pass!)


You just don't see barrels of Nitro very often. I loved that the gasman wears an actual GAS MASK to do his job...

Lake Monroe

I love Lake Monroe!

September 3

Ready for some tubing!

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Erica Ortiz said...

If you think watching is fun, you should try DRIVING! Its a BLAST!