Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Okay, I'm just saying this now - if this YA novel isn't nominated for a Printz Award, it's a crying shame.

What an amazing, tumultuous, emotional, brilliant, wonderful novel this is.

Clay receives a package in the mail from an anonymous source, only to realize it's a series of tapes recorded by Hannah Baker (a classmate and crush of Clay's), who happened to have committed suicide two weeks earlier.

What follows is Clay's journey through one night into Hannah's psyche, her emotions, and her thirteen reasons why - thirteen people will receive the tapes, and Clay is one of them. He becomes obsessed with listening to Hannah's reasons, and to finding out why he is on the list along with the others, while his perception of the world, and his peers, changes dramatically.

This is a truly arresting novel that I couldn't put down - the writing style, the mixing of Hannah and Clay's voices, the journey back and forth in time, and the honest way that Clay comes to the end - to Hannah's end - is just amazing fiction.

I can't rave about this one enough - it's due to be released in October (I read an ARC from our YA librarian), and I plan to recommend it to a LOT of people in the future...

Wonderful, wonderful.

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