Book Review: It's Not About the Tapas

It's Not About the Tapas by Polly Evans

I was looking forward to reading this non-fiction work after enjoying Evans' other travelogue, Fried Eggs With Chopsticks. This time, Evans decides to bicycle around Spain for six weeks after finding herself burnt out on her job in Hong Kong.

As someone who recently rediscovered bike riding, I thoroughly enjoyed this travelogue, as she cycles hills and valleys, and all the places she sees along the way. I've never been to Spain, so this was a great book to get a touristy peek at some of the most famous, and not so famous, places. Evans also does a great job of weaving in Tour de France history, political history, information about the monarchy, the regions, the food, and more.

This is a fun, satisfying, interesting and educational read - all in one! I hope to read Evans other travelogues soon!

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