Book Review: The Hindi-Bindi Club

The Hindi-Bindi Club by Monica Pradhan

This novel (with recipes!) was being touted as a Indian Joy Luck Club and after reading positive reviews (and seeing the captivating cover!) I knew I would enjoy it!

This novel focuses on three daughters, born and raised in America, who were childhood friends as a result of the "Hindi-Bindi Club", the group of their mothers, all born in India, who met regularly during their childhood. This novel entwines the stories of the daughters with the stories of the mothers, ultimately bringing them all together in India. This is a story of lost and found romance, mothers and daughters, and of course, food.

I really enjoyed this novel - I love being transported to another culture, and become immediately engrossed in these stories, rooting for all the characters. Beautifully written and easy to read, this was a joy to read!

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