Book Review: Hattie Big Sky

Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson

Larson packs a lot into the book aimed at juveniles, a Newbery honor book. Hattie, aged 16, moves to Montana after a tract of land it left to her by her Uncle Chester. In the course of the novel, she must be able to "prove up" on her land - making the claim hers for keeps.

Larson includes not just Hattie's day to day struggles, but, taking place in 1918, includes a lot of wartime sentiments of the West, struggles with German heritage, a touch of romance, the forming of new families, disaster, triumph, prayers, and even death.

This is an engaging read that doesn't shy away from touchy issues of the era, and I was particularly surprised at the ending - pleasantly, as it turned out. :-)

This is a great juvenile read - everyone loves reading about the pioneer spirit!

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