Book Review: Forever In Blue

Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares

This is the final volume in the 4-part "Traveling Pants" series by Brashares. Having enjoyed the other three novels, I was both eager and sad to read the conclusion of Tibby, Bee, Carmen and Lena's story.

This title is different from the rest - the girls are separated by college now, and even throughout the entire summer never get together as a foursome, but instead go their separate ways - Turkey, theatre camp, New York City and Providence. Naturally, there is turmoil about boys, jobs, and life in general, but resolutions are finally found by the last page.

I was sad to see the conclusion of this series, but I think Brashares ended it on a hopeful, happy note, and the fearless foursome remain as tight as ever, which is nice to see, and inspiring for YAs to read.

A great series - highly recommended!

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