Book Review: Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness by Cherry Adair

The "library girls" were trying to find an author that was akin to Suzanne Brockmann - someone who combined suspense with romance without it being cheesy. I saw this writer rated as being similar and thought I would give it a try.

Apparently, I grabbed the third in a trilogy (oops!), about a group of men working for T-FLAC, a paranormal SEAL team, basically. Battling terrorism, falling in love, trying to break 500 year old curses - you know, the usual for paramilitary wizards. ;-)

This was a fast book to read, but I found myself tuning out on the story at times - Adair just felt like she was trying too hard. I found the romance a bit flat, the curse a bit silly, the suspense not, and the ending too pat. Could be I just wasn't in the mood for this tale, but I guess I had higher hopes for Brockmann meets Harry Potter. ;-)

Maybe I should have started at the beginning...

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