Book Review: Break No Bones

Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs

I was eager to read a Reichs book after watching two seasons, back to back, of Bones. This title, released last year, features Temperance Brennan on a dig on South Carolina when a suspicious body shows up.

There are a lot of differences between show and book (obviously), including a different name of the FBI agent, different "home base" for Temperance, an ex-husband, but more than anything this Temperance felt - hard. The TV-show Tempe has some vulnerability, some depth, but this one just seems hard, unbending, kinda boring.

This is a good mystery, nonetheless, with an unusual lead character (ie, not a cop or detective), a great locale, and a lot of dead bodies by the end. Suspenseful!

(But I prefer the show. They are so gonna take away my librarian card for saying that...)

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