Banned Books Week

Celebrate your freedom to read…banned books.

Banned Book Week is September 29 – October 6.

Banned Books Display

I love this display! The blurb on the front describes the book and the reason it was banned, and then you flip up the label to see what's inside!


Carrie said...

I read about Banned Book Week yesterday and wondered if APL was going to do a display. I need not have worried now that LFM is on the job! ;-)

Trish said...

i love doing banned books displays! i did one with a celophane flame background- sort of a bookburning inspired display. i take a lot of pride in the fact that libraries have these books and that we remind customers of that fact!

Judy in Indiana said...

I am making a display for the school library where I volunteer. Is it possible that you could send me a copy of your placard? I can't quite read what it says. I saw it on pinterest and came here for a visit. Thank you for posting and sharing.

judy at workmanfamily dot com