Autumnal Weekend

Signs of FallWhat fabulous weather we're having!

The temperature has dropped in the last few days, bring sunny, breezy but cool days to Southern Indiana - and I couldn't be happier. :-)

This weekend was "be a tourist in your own backyard" time for me - I went to the Kunstfest (a German arts festival) in New Harmony on Saturday morning, which was full of farmers market-type booths, food booths, German music, and everyone walking along, smiling and greeting each other. I wandered into the Roofless Church,Roofless Church received congrats from a lot of folks in Mount Vernon (my director announcement hit the papers this week), and kept my camera nearby. I bought homemade bread and butter pickles, pumpkins, homegrown blackberry jam, and a sausage burger. What a great morning!

In the afternoon, I couldn't bear to be inside, so I headed to Harmonie State Park - a state park not 15 minutes from my door that I've only visited a few times, and for specific reason. The park was virtually deserted, so I drove round and round to "learn my way around", and then got out for a lovely 3 mile hike through the silentHarmonie State Park woods. Hopping back into my car, I drove to another 1-mile hike closer to the campgrounds. The temperature was perfect, the forest restful, and but for a few "heart attack hills", was a great walk! One of the things I missed most about leaving Bloomington were the hiking trails at Griffey Lake - I'm glad to have found a substitute not far away! :-)

I spent the rest of the afternoon swinging on my porch swing, nibbling on dinner and reading.

How did you spent YOUR autumnal weekend?

I hope it was as restful for you as it was for me!

September 15

I loved how this fall leaf was "spotlit" by the sunshine, begging me to take a picture!


He was quite happy to have his picture taken!

Creek Crossing

Last gasp before "heart attack hills" start!

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