Weekend in Bloomington...

This weekend I fled TinyTown just after 5pm on Friday to head to Bloomington to see Jen and the boys - and to celebrate Layne's third birthday!

The weekend involved spa pedicures (hot pink, baby!), a birthday party with lots of prezzies and nibblies, a "girls only" viewing of 300, and cheesesticks. Yay!

Happy Birthday, Layne!

Ain't We Purdy?


Crocodile Box

3rd Candle


Anonymous said...

Ok--I saw 300 on DVD this weekend as well, and was it me, or was the Gerry Bits shot much darker than it was in the theater? (I must admit I'm a bad girl and looked forward to the "pause" button!), but alas there wasn't much to see.


Marissa said...

You know, I had the *very* same thought...I remembered his bits being a bit more...illuminated on the big screen. ;-)