FFL 2007


So last night I got to participate in my very first "live draft" for a fantasy football league that Greg started.

I was superpsyched...particularly when I found out I was the ONLY GIRL in the league.

That means I have to kick some butt this season!

I actually got first draft pick (woot!), and I think I did alright for myself, with a little *ahem* coaching (thanks, Hilary and Nathan)!

My guys...

Quarterback - Peyton Manning, IND

Running Back - Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC

Running Back - Marion Barber III, DAL

Wide Receiver - Darrell Jackson, SF

Wide Receiver - Reggie Wayne, IND

Wide Receiver - T.J. Houshmandzadeh, CIN

Tight End - Todd Heap, BAL

Defense - Broncos

Kicker - Shayne Graham, CIN

My bench...

Quarterback - Brett Favre, GB

Running Back - Vernand Morency, GB

Wide Receiver - Matt Jones, JAC

Defense - Vikings

Running Back - Michael Turner, SD

Wide Receiver - Kevin Curtis, PHI

Tight End - Ben Utecht, IND

Not a bad group of guys, eh? We'll see how the season progresses...

Oh yeah...and my team name?

The Tinytown Trouncers. That's made of awesome. ;-)

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