Book Review: A Superior Death

A Superior Death by Nevada Barr

This mystery series, featuring Anna Pigeon, Park Ranger (and this title in particular) is like comfort food to me. I began reading this series almost 10 years ago, and when I just need an escape, an intrepid heroine and a to travel to a new place, I pick up one of these novels.

In this title (the second in the Anna Pigeon series), Anna is assigned to Isle Royale, a national park on Lake Superior. When an experienced diver is found dead in one of the shipwrecks of the park, it's up to Anna to suss out what really happened.

Barr fills this novel with great and quirky characters, and Anna is the sort of woman you want to root for, be friends with and see succeed. I love this series - and it's nice to have a female protagonist who isn't a cop or PI! :-)

Highly, highly recommended!

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