Book Review: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

This book has been "buzzy" around book discussions and libraries since its release in 2005, and I can see why.

During a snowstorm in 1964, David helps his wife Norah (along with a nurse) give birth to twins. When David sees that his daughter has Down's Syndrome, he gives her to the nurse to take to a home. What follows is what happens when the nurse takes the girl and raises her as her own, and how one senseless act can affect a family for decades to come.

This novel is a character study more than a fast paced drama, and Edwards has some lovely prose contained, but I found myself struggling to remain connected with the characters. I loved seeing the progression of their lives, together and apart, and yet struggled with it. Well written and an interesting plot, though, and worth getting through to the end.

Definitely a good book for discussion, though!

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