Book Review: It's Kind of a Funny Story

It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Since I enjoyed Vizzini's other two YA novels, this one has been on my list of things to read for a while.

Longer and a bit darker than he previous works, this novel is about Craig - good student in a high pressure high school - who struggles with depression until the night he contemplates suicide and finds himself in a psychiatric unit of a hospital - the adult wing, despite his age.

What follows are Craig's five days in the hospital, and the characters he meets and progress he makes, as he tries to rectify his life on the "inside" with life on the "outside" before his release.

At times funny, then sad, then triumphant, this is a great read for any teen who has struggled with school, depression or life in general. A well written tome!

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Loraine said...

You have a very insightful review. :)

Here's mine if you don't mind: http://lorxiebookreviews.blogspot.com/2013/03/its-kind-of-funny-story-by-ned-vizzini.html

Thanks and have a nice day! :)