Weekend Visit

My parents came down for an extended visit last week to avoid "cabin fever" and to bring me my newest acquisition: shelves for a grown-up!

For the last four years, I've had the most rickety, ugly teeny bookshelves in my house, hand-me-downs from four hundred years ago. Menard's was having a sale on new shelves, and they are so pretty!

Dad and I (well, mostly Dad) assembled the two units, got them in place and it took me only minutes to completely fill them with a part of my book collection!

New Shelves

We also rambled around New Harmony, drove through the back roads of Illinois, bought a new barbecue for my back porch, sat in the sunshine and did a little shopping (or in Dad's case, a LOT of shopping). What a lovely weekend!

(Pics are here of the whole weekend)


little ineb said...

Those shelves are amazing! Where is your section of first edition books about conjoined twins? ;)

Marissa said...

Oh, that's in my Auxiliary Library Facility (the guest room), of course! ;-)