Order of the Phoenix

July 13Yayayayay!

Becca and I hit the IMAX for a screening of the new Harry Potter film last night - woot!

Random Thoughts (While Trying to be Vague to Avoid Spoilers for People Who Haven't Seen It):

*Overall, I thought it was bloody brilliant - the final scene in the Ministry was just 20 minutes of nonstop goosebumps for me

*God, I love the Weasley twins (who have better hair this time around)

*Umbrage was spectacularly portrayed - evil and tormenting while being sickly sweet on the surface, made worse when Becca and I realized who she reminds us of, causing us to giggle every time she came on the screen

*Daniel Radcliffe really has come into his own as an actor


*The final battle in 3-D was pretty damn cool (even if the 3-D glasses are decidedly NOT damn cool *grin*)

*Dementors = Freakin' Scary

*That Phoenix effect with Dumbledore was superrad

*The whole Cho relationship was a bit...underdeveloped...from the book

*No quidditch. :-(

*Luna was really well cast

*I think a lot of subtle groundwork for the last two books (and thus, movies) was missing, and I'm curious how it will effect the future productions



Jen said...

This time I was the only person in the theater giggling uncontrollably when the Twins were on. I don't understand other people. Fred and George are the movies. I couldn't give rat's ass about Harry Potter.

The best lines: "Hermione, I hate your cat" from Fred/George and "I'm going to be sick" from Snape.

Jen said...

I forgot to blog it but I really loved Luna as well. Although we all thought it was disturbing to see her face all covered in blood at the ministry. Definitely not a kids movie anymore.

Marissa said...

Dude, I was too! I couldn't stop giggling every time the cute'ums were on the screen. *giggles*

And then I thought of that Wearing These Chains post and laughed harder, while blushing a little. ;-)