Book Review: Jinx

Jinx by Meg Cabot

This book doesn't have a laydown date until July 31, but I was lucky enough to snatch up a galley copy at ALA last week.

In this YA novel, Cabot dabbles with a transplanted girl from Iowa to NYC, dark magics, a cute next door neighbor, a crafty cousin, a new school and the struggle of good and bad. You know...typical. ;-)

As always, Cabot writes with a light tone, endearing characters, and laugh out loud moments while tying together endearing characters and a story that will keep you reading. I read this book in essentially one sitting - once a Cabot fan, always a Cabot fan!


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Anonymous said...

i no right! it wz lk an awesome book n' i tOtaLLy 'gree wit wt u say!:)