Book Review: The Innocent Man

The Innocent Man by John Grisham

This work by Grisham, his first foray into non-fiction, was selected as our adult book discussion title at the library for this month, though I hadn't read it previously.

Grisham once again proves his mettle as a lawyer and a writer - sifting through facts and various accounts to write a quick-moving tale of legalese and justice prevailing in the end, with a cast of characters that truly could have been fabricated for a novel.

Mostly though, this book made me incredibly sad and sick at the injustice that was done to Ron Williamson - a man falsely accused of murder and not exonerated from Death Row until 11 years later. The disgusting way that the police handled the case was, to me, the real story, and left me flipping to the author's notes to see what became of the cops and lawyers who handled the case (nothing, it seems).

This was a good read for those interested in legal cases, though at times I found myself wishing it would move along, or twist and turn a bit more; it was a bit tedious for me at times, as I wasn't quite in the frame of mind for a police/law procedural. Still, I think this title will make for an interesting book discussion!

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