Book Review: The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

I was inclined to seek out this book after watching the compelling trailer of the movie due out later this year (and because I'm killing time until Harry Potter 7 is here *grin*).

This is another fantasy series, written for children, but with the vocabulary, themes and often, violence, found in a YA or adult fantasy series. Lyra is entrusted with an altheiometer (it tells the truth) which sets her and her daemon on a path to find her uncle, escape the evil clutches of an organization, take on a bear king, and find her friend Roger.

This is a well written fantasy novel, though I think some of the themes and violence might not be good for the little ones. The movie looks good, too!

Of course, in the spirit of the book, I *had* to find out what my own daemon is...


little ineb said...

Not so much for me. I found this book really tough to get through and it left me with zero interest in reading the rest of the series.

Have you read _Uglies_ by Scott Westerfield? The first book in the trilogy is good and the 2nd is ok... I'm on the waiting for the 3rd at MCPL so I'll let you know ;)

Jen said...

I'm a fluffy bunny. :(

Marissa said...

Note I didn't say I LOVED it...as I found it difficult to get through as well. Good, but not an easy read for me. Hrm.

Bunnies are cute!