Book Review: Girls In Pants

Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares

I'm a big fan of Brashares "Pants" series, so I was happy to grab this audiobook, the third in the series (I knew I was going to be on the road a lot this week)!

This summer, the "Septembers" are preparing to go away to college - four different schools, in fact. All are struggling with the idea of moving away and growing up, finding love, conflicts within their families, and the thought of leaving each other at the end of the summer. Of course, love, jobs and the pants are a constant in each of their lives.

This is a well-articulated, thoughtful series with great heroines, real struggles, and friendships that anyone would envy. Great, great addition to the series!

Note: I listened to the audio edition, narrated by Angela Goethals. It took a while to get used to her voice, instead of the voices of the actresses playing these characters in the movie, but I thought she did a great job distinguishing between four voices.

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