Back From Washington, DC - The Work Stuff

Of course, it wasn't ALL play and no work at ALA, so I snapped some pictures of the goings-on at ALA Annual...


We're here! We shuttled from our hotel (coincidentally, the one where Reagan was shot) to register and get ready for the conference!


This picture SO doesn't do the exhibit hall justice...

Exhibit Hall

The NMRT (New Members Roundtable) booth in the exhibit hall...this is the roundtable I'm involved in, and ALA marked my takeover as editor and committee chair of Footnotes, the NMRT newsletter sent to several thousand members four times a year...

NMRT Booth

You can't go to ALA and not have your picture taken with Baker and Taylor!!

Baker and Taylor

I had the opportunity to hear Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speak, but the pictures didn't turn out great. Some pics that DID were of me playing a Wii for the first time! Wii tennis was going on in the exhibit hall, and of COURSE I had to try it! So much fun!


I'm ready for Annual in Anaheim!

Surfer Girl

And now, two true highlights of the conference for me...

First, I had the chance to meet, talk to and get an autograph from Frank Warren, who runs the amazing, inspiring PostSecret (one of my favorite places on the web, and some of my favorite books). Frank was warm and friendly, interesting, and very tall, as it turns out!

Frank Warren

My other squee! moment was getting to meet the wonderful John Green, Printz-Award winning YA author, co-creator of Brotherhood 2.0 (one of my favorite things on the web) and fellow Nerdfighter. John was very, very cool, and I was a total fangirl, walking away with a big grin after meeting him and getting a few autographs on my copy of Looking for Alaska and a digital recording of An Abundance of Katherines. Thanks, John (and no, I won't sell them on eBay)!

June 23


Jalehlabad said...

You got to meet John Green! I am so jealous!

Jen said...

"ALA marked my takeover as editor and committee chair of Footnotes..."

Was it a hostile takeover? Sorry, that made me think of Martika in camo invading an office full of librarians. I probably need more sleep...

Denise said...

Okay, it's officially just my computers at home. I can leave comments from work (and I can see everything on your page!) *kicks her home PCs*

Looks like you had a FAB time! =)