Tough Week

Last week was a tough one.

Trying to coordinate our cookout and get everything ready to go, and then getting everything ready for the frenzy that is the start of Summer Reading Program is trying enough.

But then...

On Tuesday, we learned that our favorite patron - a precious, precocious, darling boy named Mylan - accidentally drowned in an inground pool not far from his home.

He was two years old.

Mylan was known by the entire staff...he always greeted us with "Hi Ladies" when he came in, and everyone know his face, his smile and his voice. He visited the library almost every day, and we cooed over him every day.

He was truly the cutest child I've ever known.

To learn that he was gone was devastating to the entire staff. A lot of tears, a lot of "Why? WHY?" could be heard, and a lot of heartache that this little boy was...gone.

Mylan has been in my thoughts so much the last week and a half, and I think we all found ourselves going through the motions of life, of library work, and of getting things done every day.

When Mylan went missing, the family immediately checked the library. Staff members went to the funeral home. The open house for family and friends was held in our meeting rooms - which was rented and set up gratis by the library staff.

Though this was a senseless, devastating act, it has reminded me of something.

This is why we do what we do.

I chose to work in a small town library so that I can know my patrons, become a part of their lives, and allow them to become a part of ours. We are friends, family, librarians and counselors all wrapped in one. We celebrate, we mourn, we help where we can, and in a small town, it's amazing to see how everyone - whether they knew Mylan or not - came together to support his young mother and father.

We don't have the biggest budget, the newest gadgets, or the palatial building that big systems boast, but we do have something that larger libraries sometimes don't.

Our hearts.

Mylan, you will be so missed.

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