Good Vs. Bad

It's time for a little Good and Bad...

  • The Tudors
  • A new season of Man vs. Wild
  • Writing fiction again
  • Rock the Stacks @ Your Library (Wherein we had a loud, rockin' metal band play. In our LIBRARY. We're so cool.)
  • New books! New books! New Katie MacAlister, new Janet Evanovich!
  • Seeing The Brotherhood get together (filmmaking BRILLIANCE, right here)
  • Leaving for ALA Annual in DC on Friday
  • No more Mr. Wizard
  • No more Bob Barker on Price is Right
  • Hot weather killing my flowers
  • Lying prone in bed with a 103.7 fever, fully believing that I was at death's door with the flu for two days, unable to get up for more than mere minutes at a time
  • Plugging a vaporizer into the wall in my room and having sparks fly and the breaker trip, plunging half my house into darkness
  • Leaving for ALA Annual in DC on Friday and having to pack

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