Book Review: My Wicked Highlander

My Wicked Highlander by Jen Holling

My friend Jen gave me a trio of "men in kilts seducing young maidens" books on her recent visit, and I'm so grateful for this one.

See, I woke up in the middle of the night a few days ago with a 103.7 temperature (I'm usually about 97.1), convinced I was going to die and be found three days later, eaten by wild dogs.

In any case, I managed to focus my eyes every few hours on a few pages of this novel, and though some of the details escape me (my brain was addled!), this is a historical novel set in 1597ish in which Isobel is a witch and Philip a strapping Highlander sent to retrieve her from the south to take her to her betrothed.

Naturally, they fall in love, lots of drama, accusations, etc, etc....

It was an easy book (thank god!), with some good research but not a whole heck of a lot in substance - even the romance didn't really captivate me.

But then, that could be the fever talking...

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Jen said...

How were wild dogs going to get into your house to eat you? Even with the fever, I would have gone with rats. Rats are everywhere. ;)

It wasn't the fever talking. There was a reason why I passed those along. ;) Although I did like the 3rd (maybe the 2nd) in the series a little better. The betrothed that gets left at the alter gets another sister to bed. He at least wasn't a fluffy character.