Book Review: Magic Study

Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

This is the sequel to Poison Study, which I read last year and enjoyed, so I asked my colleague to Interlibrary Loan this follow-up (I believe a third volume is due this year).

This continues the story of Yelena, a former food taster with magical abilities, divided loyalties, a new family, an old love, and a lot of political maneuvering to be done. This novel packs in a lot of threads, but Snyder's skilled writing and totally engaging lead character keep the story moving and interesting.

I think of this as sort of "light fantasy" - modern language and not too many stretches of the imagination - and a good series for folks who don't read a lot of fantasy, or are looking for something that isn't totally epic or last 24 volumes. ;-)

A good fantasy follow-up!

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