Book Review: The Harlequin

The Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton

This novel is truly like a car wreck.

I want to look away, I want to quit reading the series because it's not even a shadow of how it began, and yet...I'm powerless to stop.

Frankly, the Anita Blake series has fallen so far from where it began, it's almost laughable. Anita began as a fairly strong, fairly complex character who has morphed into a laughable Mary Sue, who has more powers than LIKE.ANYONE.EVER.OMIGOD, and the main plot points involve how to get from the beginning of a scene to having Anita have sex with anyone and everyone, while still claiming to be a "prude".


I had higher hopes for this one - Edward was going to have a reappearance, but he was woefully underused, as was my darling vampire, Jean-Claude. LKH continues to lambast Richard (proportedly based on her EX-husband) while singing the praises of Nathaniel and Micah (proportedly based on the CURRENT husband). I found the plot weak at best, and the conclusion truly silly.

Will I keep reading this series? I just don't know anymore...it's hard to read a book when you have nothing but disdain for the author...


Anonymous said...

I thought I heard somewhere that one of the main characters aka any one of the 6 billion characters she has introduced was going to die in this one? Is that true? If so, who?

And I swear if she killed off Edward I will hunt her down and feed her every single one of the pages of The Whorelequin!

Jen said...

It's the same deal with the Merry Gentry series. I would the be the last person on earth to say less sex and more plot but here I am. Either she's just a perv, or the girl has never had a fulfilling sex life, ever.

The only thing good about the one Anita Blake I read was Jean Claude. Wtf. He's not a main character anymore?

Anyone want to sign my petition asking Laurell K. Hamilton to retire from writing?

Carrie said...

Jen: The folks in this community, me being one of them, would be more than happy to sign the petition!


I just feel really bad about how awful the AB:VH series has turned out because I was the one that turned Marissa onto them.

She'll never trust my book recommendations again!

Re: the Merry Gentry series. I read one of the books and couldn't get past being squicked by the idea of tentacle sex so I had to quit the series. Besides that, it totally sucks.