Small Town Tales

So, one of TinyTown's police officers came to see me this morning.

(No, I haven't been doing anything untoward.)

He informed me that someone got arrested in town over the weekend, and had a trunk full of stolen signs, and they were trying to figure out if one of the signs was ours.

(It was.)

Apparently, someone stolen the library icon sign that you see when you drive into any small town on a main road - the blue one with the library icon on it?

They also stole church signs from that same sign area.

Not street signs, not a bar sign, but the library sign and a church sign.

So, apparently TinyTown thieves are both devout and literate. ;-)

Here's my second amusement for the week...

Each week, the church right by my house has a different expression on the front sign - some are funny, some are serious. You've all seen these, right?

I've NEVER seen this one.

May 20

In case you can't see it, the sign says:

Fer God

I almost drove off the road, I was laughing so hard.

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