Let's All Discover

For several months now, I've had a new love in my life.

The Discovery Channel.

I know.

I always thought Discovery was stuffy educational shows, boring claptrap, and wasn't part of my fave channel lineup, so I frequently zipped past it.

Times have changed, my friend.

Discovery is full of shows I can now not live without. I check Discovery first when I sit down to eat lunch. I watch Discovery On Demand. I even surf over to the website occasionally.

My three top reasons for lovin' the Discovery Channel are as follows...

Reason Number One for lovin' the Discovery Channel:

mikeroweMike Rowe.

Mike Rowe is my man. And, apparently, everyone else's. I mention Mike Rowe, and people immediately say "I love him!". Men, women, everyone. My mother has a crush on Mike Rowe. Mike Rowe sets my heart a quiver.

Mike Rowe's voice is on par with Scott Brick (and that, my friends, is high praise indeed). Mike is the host of Dirty Jobs, and every episode never fails to make me laugh out loud, swoon once or twice, and then totally gross me out.

I heart Dirty Jobs.

(Trivia tip: Mike used to sing opera. I can totally see it.)

Reason Number Two for lovin' the Discovery Channel:

bearBear Grylls.

Bear is the British host of a BBC show picked up by Discovery called Man Vs. Wild, and I'm telling you, you get TOTALLY sucked in.

Bear gets dropped in the middle of the most forbidding places on earth, and then shows you how to "get out alive". In so doing, he climbs a lot, sweats a lot, eats disgusting food, makes fire, runs from bears (get it?), jumps over lava, eats a lot of raw fish, and generally is damn good entertainment (and is rather easy on the eyes, I might add. See Reason Number One.)

I'm not sure which episode is my favorite, but watching Bear eat a dead zebra is not among my favorite moments, though I found myself oddly fascinated and unable to look away.

Reason Number Three for lovin' the Discovery Channel:

deadliestThe Crab Men.

I remember hearing blurbs about some show about catching crab, and I scoffed. What's so interesting about that? I mean, really. Fishing?

Oh. My. God.

I can't go a week without my crab men.

Deadliest Catch, y'all.

These insane men take out boats into the Bering Sea to catch the crab I love to eat, and this show chronicles all the painful work, the rough seas, the catches, the not catches, the captains, the crises, the deaths, everything.

I'm so into this show.

I feel like I've gotten to know the crews of the Time Bandit (with Captain Johnathan), Cornelia Marie (with Captain Wiseass, Phil), and The Northwestern (Norwegian Captain Sig, and his little brother Edgar, in the photo). I feel their pain, I root for full pots, and I pray nothing bad will happen during the hour-long show to my guys.

(Also, narrated by...yep. Mike Rowe. BONUS.)

And there you have it.

I'm the Discovery Channel's dirty mistress.

Yeah, I said it.


Bethany said...

I'm not alone!

Vocal Minority Member of AFA said...

OMG!!! I , too, am SO into Deadliest Catch!!!!!!!!

It's freaking AWSOME show!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike Rowe is soo sexy. Can we say yummy? Those others just dont have Mikes qualities :)