Book Review: Body Surfing

Body Surfing by Anita Shreve

Having enjoyed several of Shreve's previous novels, and on an enthusiastic recommendation from Nat, I picked up this newest novel from bestselling author Shreve.

It did not disappoint.

I absolutely adored this novel - the writing, the style of the storytelling, the characters, the setting - everything about this novel sang to me. Sydney works as a tutor/live in help for a family summering on a New England beach, and quickly finds herself pulled into the family dynamics, complete with treachery, love, hate and everything in between.

I so enjoyed Syndey's journey through this novel, and the way Shreve deftly told the story in short bursts, and then brought it all together in the end - complete with some twists I did not expect.

I can't recommend this luminous novel enough...

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Anonymous said...

I really loved Body Surfing, too. I read all of Anita Shreve's books, I have to say. This probably wasn't in my top two or three, but I did enjoy it. I especially liked the dad, trapped in some ways in that family, just trying to be a good man and father and husband. I didn't quite get/believe (just wasn't convinced) why Julia ran off like she did, it seemed so sudden. But I liked it. I also read another good book recently that you might like. It's new, really stunning, by a first time author. "When We Get There" by Shauna Seliy. It was so beautiful. The language, the story, the family. Anyway, happy reading!

Marissa said...

Hi Anne!

Thanks for your comment, and I'll be sure to write down "When We Get There" on my TBR list!

I thought the father in Body Surfing was a wonderful character, though I thought Julie's disappearance was a bit out of the blue and stilted as well.

Made me want to go to a beach in New England, either way! :-)