New NIN Album

In but a few short weeks, the new Nine Inch Nails album will hit stores.

I'm superpsyched, y'all.

Mostly, because it's only taken Trent a year to put out a new album, rather than the five years NINites have become accustomed to.


You might have seen some of the hubbub (on CNN, for example) about the album, what with leaving tracks on USB drives in bathrooms and messages on tee shirts that lead to sites all over the web. Need a good primer? Read the CNN article, or this Rolling Stone one to get up to speed on the new album and *gulp* possible movie associated with it.

And then laugh at the RIAA cracking down on the songs that were leaked. Deliberately. BY THE ARTIST.

I can't wait to load this on the iPod and start jammin'...


Jen said...

Wait, it's not on your ipod already? ;)

I'm going to the special hell.

Marissa said...

The one for people who talk at the theatre? ;-)

Jen said...

Yes! ;)

Does that include people who recite the lines with the actors? We can be hell buddies!

Marissa said...

I only did that because I knew all the dialogue from the trailer. I'm a dedicated learner. ;-)