Mourning Rome

I am still mourning the end of Rome, as are many of my friends.


However, Jen found something that will significantly reduce the loss, if anyone feels like doing a little shopping for me:

Pullo for President!


C'mon...I think I *need* these for casual days at work, no? ;-)


Jen said...


We also need this! It's only 4 feet by 6 feet. But it would help with our depression immensely. :)

Jalehlabad said...

Oh man! I love that Pullo for President shirt. How awesome! I am missing Rome too. It seems like Sunday night it missing that special something, you know gratuitous sex and violence, only Rome could give.

Marissa said...

Jen, we could go halfsies, and then just send him back and forth between TinyTown and B-ton. ;-)

Jen said...

He might get damaged in the mail. He would fit perfectly on my bedroom wall...

It might be incentive for you to visit though. :)