Book Review: The Visible World

The Visible World by Mark Slouka

I bought this book from Amazon after reading several reviews about it, and read it over the course of only a couple of days.

This novel weaves together three stories, the most poignant of which (for me, particularly) was the story of the parachutists during World War II who assassinated Reinhard Heydrich in Prague, then battled the Gestapo for days from a church crypt before committing suicide rather than be caught. In retaliation, Hitler ordered Lidice (a small Czech village) to be "erased from the map". One of the members of the team was fictionalized for this novel, and how it affected a modern day marriage and the son who flies to Prague to find answers. There are really three parts of this novel, with the WW II portion told at the end.

This novel was wonderfully written and particularly poignant for me, as my grandfather (who passed away a few weeks ago) had friends who lived in Lidice, lived only a few miles away in Makotrasy, and (I believe, though he never confirmed it) knew of the plot against Heydrich before it happened.

A very cathartic read for me...

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Anonymous said...

I read it in one day because I just couldn't put it down. All I can say is it's an AMAZING book. I reccomend it to anyone who wants what will probably be the best read they've had in a long time.