Book Review: Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I admit it: I was skeptical of this book from the title, the reviews I'd heard, and just plain jealousy that SHE can jet off for a year and do all the stuff *I* wanna do!

I was wrong.

This book is just magical.

Liz is the perfect companion to read with as she travels to Italy, India and Indonesia - you feel as though you are traveling with an honest, hysterically funny, humble girl that could totally be your best friend. Liz took a year off to spend 4 months each in these three very different cultures, seeking out very different things from each location, while trying to heal herself from a devastating divorce and subsequent love affair.

In Italy, it's about healing and food, and finding new friends. In India, it's about finding faith and yourself, and in Bali it's about helping out friends and finding a new love. I devoured every page of this memoir, hesitant to read too fast for fear of missing something, or of having the book end too soon.

This memoir is funny, inspiring, amazing and magical - highly, highly recommended!

Who's ready to fly 'round the world with me?

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