Weekend Prep

March 8My friend Jen is coming down this weekend so that we can witness firsthand the wonder that is 300 (the movie) which we have been eagerly anticipating since last fall when the first teaser trailer came out. 300 on IMAX, baby!

(Need to see the trailer again? Click here.)

I've been cleaning my house in preparation for Jen's arrival, and have made wondrous use of my new Dirt Devil Kone. Oh my god, the Kone rocks!

It's really powerful and looks supercute sitting on my table, and I love the little glowy nightlight. No wonder it took me so long to find one...everyone else was buying them too!


Anonymous said...

Oh M!

Rather than just reading, I really must begin commenting! I'm also drooling, I mean excited(!) about 300. It has nothing to do with Gerry Butler in a leather speedo, really! Its, um, historical! and history is important! I've got to find out if it is on IMAX around here.

Warmly, Pat

Jen said...

Dirt Devil Kone, so that what it is. :)