TinyTown Sheriff Reports

I think it's time for another installment of the best and brightest from the TinyTown sheriff reports, don't you?

(These are shown exactly as printed in the paper)

  • Caller advised someone took change out of his car and rambled through all the paper work (how do you ramble paperwork?)

  • Caller advised they are having a juvenile problem (My mother sometimes thinks my problems are juvenile, but she doesn't call the cops about my issues...)

  • Caller advised that a subject climbed a fence and is up in a tree cutting them down (If you are in the tree, how do you cut it down? Wouldn't it hurt when you fell down after cutting the trunk? I'm just saying...)

  • Caller advised that there are guys coming out of field with a tank (Omigod! A military tank? In TinyTown?? We're a military installation now?! Then again, it could be the other kind of tank...)
Gotta love a small town. ;-)

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