Non-Library Blogs Meme

I thought I'd jump into the foray of posts about a meme floating around concerning what blogs I read outside the library field, which are many.

Here are but five of my favorites:

  1. LJC FYI - This site by Little Jenny C is just warm and fuzzy. Updated daily, she takes us on her travels, shows us new products she loves, and post adorable photos of her pug. You have to read her blog to understand. :-)

  2. Brotherhood 2.0 - The vidlog site chronicling conversation between YA author John Green and his brother Hank. It makes me laugh every day. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  3. PostSecret - I discovered PostSecret several years ago, and not a Sunday goes by that I don't log onto my computer to see the newest cards posted. Amazing, inspirational site.

  4. Keris Stainton - I found Keris' site through Trashionista, and like LJC, I love the glimpse into daily life, her lighthearted posts about television and books, and it gives me a bit of a British fix every day.

  5. Pink is the New Blog - When I need my gossip and celebrity fix, I trust Trent. You should too. :-)
It's hard to only pick five, because I have so many others too (notMartha, GreyMatter, Go Fug Yourself, Cute Overload , The Cortex, and Blogging Project Runway, for example)!

What are some of YOUR five?


Tbone said...

Awww - it's great to be on your list, even if we are only second tier!

In-season though, I know we jump to the top, right?

Marissa said...

Well, there was only room for 5, but I read y'all every day - especially "in season"! Thanks for such a fun blog! :-)

Keris Stainton said...

Hey, thanks so much for picking me! I'm really excited. :)