Every Day Is NOT Exactly the Same

Some of the fun things I've encountered at Ye Olde Library in the last couple of days...

  • I got to put out a (rather lengthy) plastic cigarette butt trashcan thingy fire, having my director thus dub me "Fireman Marissa"

  • I had a 5 year old run up and give me a big hug after I watched his books while "he went potty with Mommy"

  • I input a override password into a PSP handheld, and got a standing ovation (a quiet one!) when it worked

  • One of my favorite reference transactions: "Yeah, my teacher said I have to read a Hemingway novel." "Okay, which one?" "It doesn't matter." "How about Old Man and the Sea? It's short." "How short?" "105 pages short." "Dude! Sweet! You rock!" I laughed.

  • Getting to teach someone how to use the Contemporary Authors, CLCs, TCLCs, and seeing the lightbulb go off when they figured out the index and the information it contained

  • Having a patron seek me out to tell me how much a particular audiobook narration rocked based on my recommendation (Yay for Scott Brick!)

  • Feeling that sense of satisfaction as I weed really, REALLY outdated (and dusty) volumes from our print reference collection

  • Having a patron pump his fist and grin when I accessed our online auto repair database and found the EXACT wiring diagram he needed

  • Picking out a new picnic table for the staff area, as well as new benches and even a zippy new trashcan
Nope. No day is exactly the same in the life of a librarian...


Anonymous said...

Was the zippy new trashcan needed to replace the burnt one? ;-)

Marissa said...

Strangely, no. The trash can purchase was unrelated to the burnt plastic ashtray thingy. Weird, no? :-)