Book Review: How I Live Now

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

I'm not sure how to categorize this YA novel...it's not quite romance, not quite suspense, not quite adventure. It is, however, a Printz Honor book, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

This novel takes place in a not too distant future, as Daisy (an American) goes to live with her English cousins at the onset of a war. This novel deals with a lot of heavy issues - incest, anorexia, war, death, family separation and more, and has a raw, unfinished feel to it.

I think this would appeal to older teens and has crossover appeal for adults, but certainly isn't written with younger readers in mind.

Strange and weird, but thought provoking and ultimately hopeful...

Note: I listened to the audio version, narrated by Kim Mai Guest, who did a fine job with this YA voice.


PoBaL said...

Obligatory obnoxious librarian nit-picky comment: How I Live Now's the Printz Award, not honor.
I started listening to the audio and COULDN'T STAND it. The narrator was almost the exact opposite of how Daisy sounded in my head when I read it.
I really like this book, but I don't think it should have won the big guy that year.

Anonymous said...

i loved reading this book but when i listened to the audio copy i realy disliked it becaue things couldnt b more opposite

read dont listen!!!