Book Review: Hour Game

Hour Game by David Baldacci

I've not read anything by Baldacci (save The Christmas Train) but I know he is uberpopular with our patrons, so I grabbed this audiobook to give it a try.

A serial killer is stalking Wrightsburg, VA, and leaving a watch set to a different hour on each victim's wrist. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are charged with investigating the crime, and the town,which is full of secrets, quirky characters and a lot of twists and turns as they race to solve the crimes.

This was a fast paced thriller with lots of great, weird characters. The ending was twisted and almost unbelievable, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the story. I can see Baldacci's appeal!

Note: I listened to Scott Brick's narration of this novel. The Brickman MAKES the story. I heart the Brickman.

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