A Tough Couple of Weeks...

I know, I know, I haven't updated in weeks, other than book reviews.

(Well, I just can't help that, you know...)

A couple of weeks ago, my grandfather (my mother's father) was admitted into hospital with a chest infection, which set off a chain of events in the Priddis family.

My mother, who has been undergoing chemo treatments, was absolutely forbidden by all of us to travel to England to be with my grandfather, so my sister and father flew over to England on Valentine's Day to be with him, while I traveled to Columbus to stay with Mum.

The news from England grew increasingly bleak, and we began making arrangements - via many international phone calls and a lot of work by Michelle and Dad - to put things in place in England. Dealing with illness is never easy, but is even more so when it is in a foreign country where everything is different.

Sadly, my grandfather passed away last Thursday at the age of 90. His life was full of laughter and adventure, and I have so many stories and good memories to help erase the last few weeks of waiting for sad news - visiting Prague with him, spending summers in England in the flat in Cambridge, and having him visit the States. We have made arrangements to have him brought to the States to be buried alongside my grandmother, who passed away here a few years ago while they were visiting us.

It's been a trying couple of weeks, but I'm glad I was with Mum through it all, and we had a few laughs, a lot of roadtrips, were able to pick up Michelle from the airport, and just were there for each other.

I'm back in TinyTown, preparing to go back to work and get some semblance of normalcy back in my life - which hopefully will include more lighthearted blog entries, more book reviews, and some more fun Flickr photos than the last few weeks have been.

Give your family a hug tonight, for me.

Vaclav Karel Macak: 1916-2007

February 22


Anonymous said...

M--I'm very sorry for your loss. Your blog has been so quiet that I was afraid there was sadness involved. I'm glad you have such lovely memories of your grandfather, and that your sister and father were able to be there with him. Peace to you all,

Pat, faithful reader

Marissa said...

Thank you, Pat, for your kind words...and for being a faithful reader! :-)