Book Review: The Watchman

The Watchman by Robert Crais

A copy of this new Joe Pike mystery was sent to me for review by the fine folks at FSB. Never having read a Crais novel, but knowing he was popular, I dove right in!

Joe Pike is a man of few words, no smiles, and a lot of action who is contracted to protect a young woman after several attempts are made on her life, and the FBI fails to protect her each time.

I enjoyed the "inside view" of a mercenary worker, but found Pike hard to like due to his lack of emotion (though I loved his partner, Elvis) and the storyline a bit staid. I most enjoyed the interplay between Pike and the woman, and wondering how it was going to be resolved.

This is a tight, fast, twisting mystery/suspense novel - if you are looking for a new series, try this one!

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